2023 Around The Corner: Drofa Comms team wishes you prosperity for the year ahead and gives an overview of 2022

2022 has been an eventful and rewarding year. We truly appreciate the utmost dedication and persistent work of each and every one of our colleagues, partners, and clients. This year has brought us invaluable memories and achievements — and we would love to share some of them with you.

One of the Drofa Comms’ keys to success is a constant expansion of knowledge and focus on meaningful trends in both the PR and fintech industries. And this year was quite eventful — from crypto and fintech summits in London, Dubai, and Istanbul to panel discussions of PR trends. Apart from learning from external experts, our co-founder Mary Poliakova held a series of expert webinars to boost the team’s professionalism in creating in-depth copy and share some PR best practices and tips. Alongside this beautiful year-long journey, we shared our industry and internal insights in Drofa Comms’ Insider and the News section.

This year, our expertise and effort were specially recognised and honoured among the professional community. As such, Drofa Comms became a member of PRCA, the world’s largest professional PR body. PRovoke also included Drofa Comms in the Global PR Agency Rankings 2022 list recognising us as the 13th fastest-growing PR agency worldwide. As a cherry on the cake, we were ranked one of the top UK-based PR agencies for startups in 2022 by Silicon Canals. And we want to assure you — this is just the beginning! Next year, we will strive to achieve even greater results.

“It’s been a fruitful year, full of persistent work, relentless professional and personal development, and utmost dedication to bring outstanding results for both our clients and colleagues. We wish happy Christmas holidays to everyone and promise to come back in the new year full of energy and desire to achieve even greater goals,” share Valentina Drofa and Mary Poliakova, founders of Drofa Comms.



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