3 Communication Mistakes Of Your Managers That Ruin A Company’s Reputation

In a changing world, where metrics and technical parameters estimate the effectiveness of your communications, it is easy to forget about the main thing — words. In fact, no matter how much effort, time, and money we spend on promotion, it will not be effective without words that are spoken in the right place, at the right time, and in the right manner. That is why in today’s article Valentina Drofa, our CEO and founder, decided to share with you 3 main communication mistakes that may lead to real losses.

2. Posting arguable or too private content on social networks

«When we start working with a company, we always manage or at least track its social media. The point is that a public person’s account is always more than just his account. Social networks of C-level managers are one of the main communication channels, and you can’t leave it without attention. Moreover, it is crucial because some journalists prefer to communicate via Linkedin or Twitter. Yes, there will be a minimum of individuality on these pages, but that’s how it works. To keep your business and communications safe, leave private life outside the Internet space or in closed accounts.

2. Taking pleasure in the failures of competitors

The biggest communication mistake that you can make if your competitor goes bankrupt or is being scrutinized by a regulator, is to mock him. Yes, no doubt some companies do use this strategy effectively, but it can be extremely risky. Of course, the less supply on the market, the higher the demand for your services, but do not forget one thing. You have to compete with yourself primarily. So don’t waste time and energy talking about others — emphasize your advantages instead.

3. Being silent in the middle of the storm

The history of crises, both global and corporate, says one thing — you cannot remain silent. Yes, it may seem that phrases like “We are doing our best” will not change anything. However, in the situation of uncertainty, investors, employees, and buyers want to know what is going on. Understand what you want to achieve with communication, define your true goals, explain it to PR specialists, and make a relevant statement».

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