Drofa CA: 5 benefits of working with specialized PR teams

PR rules may seem universal, especially when the world spins around news and media. Why do more if general schemes work, right? As PR experts with over 10 years of experience in working with financial and fintech companies and dozens of successful cases, we decided to share with you 5 benefits of working with specialized PR agencies.

1. Trust your words without a doubt

We bet you always easily notice when an author is not completely sure what he is talking about. That’s exactly what happens when a topic goes into the hands of those who don’t dive deep into this theme. And, of course, when you, as an expert, see that your words are misinterpreted it gets hard to trust in your theses. As an agency building efficient communications, especially for financial and fintech companies, we personally give texts only to experienced copywriters. Our team includes ex-bankers, economists, financiers and financial journalists. Such a variety of professionals gives us the opportunity to make sure that the client’s texts are safe and sound.

2. Select the channels you need

As soon as you are ready to go live, it is essential to choose exactly those media that will allow you to stay in touch with potential clients and partners. And while general PR teams cannot always fit into business magazines’ agenda, specialized agencies speak the same language as them. It is easy for a financier to comprehend another financier without many words.

3. Leave no place for experiments

Chances are that when you step into a general PR agency’s office, you would be the first or the second startup in their practice. And when there is a lack of experience, that is where the experiments start. No doubt, sometimes a clear look can help find a unique solution, but this is clearly an area of risky investments, and communications and company positioning are something that needs to be treated with care. Because if you’re experimenting with PR in finance without knowing deeper details, in some cases it may lead to unwished-for consequences.

4. Apply an individual approach

Think back to yourself when you multitask. When there is a constant need to switch between different projects, efficiency often drops. This is the main reason why, starting from the first project, we create a separate team for each client. This approach provides complete immersion in the work of the company and allows you to establish deep contact with the client. And we know that such a method yields better results in a short time.

5. Get a pool of promising contacts

If the team constantly monitors what is happening in the market, they are more likely to find specialized insider events, it is easier for them to introduce you in such a way that would make you interesting to the industry leaders. A dedicated communications agency won’t take too much time to train and instruct.

We have been working with financial and fintech companies for more than a decade. We have a thorough understanding of the specifics of the market and can easily build a long-term strategy for you that will distinguish you from the competitors in the eyes of potential partners. Entrust your project to our safe hands.