Drofa Comms Hiring in London, Dubai, and Belgrade

Just 8 months ago we announced the company’s launch in the UK and now Drofa Comms continues to grow along with the market. The company is looking to expand the team in London and explore the market in Dubai and Serbia.

Our team is the heart of the business. These are the people who are ready for challenges, who work hard and play hard. We strive to accelerate our careers and learn each day to stay on top of the fintech and financial world.

‘It’s a great time to join us — at the beginning of the year we worked out a 3-year growth plan which turned out to be quite ambitious. It’s the time for plans like this, especially considering that we’ve been working in the niche market for almost 12 years. There are a number of new openings at Drofa Comms and I’m especially excited for our future hire in Dubai. The fintech market is blooming there and developing at a great pace, so it’s definitely a place to be for a PR consultancy. With our knowledge and experience, we’ll help fintech and financial projects get exposure there and be heard worldwide’ — comments Valentina Drofa, founder and CEO of Drofa Comms.

The consultancy grows as the market does, so we are now ready for the new step. We are looking for:

Masha Balanovich, Drofa Comms UK, adds: ‘I joined Drofa Comms’ London branch almost a year ago. Now I’m ready to grow further and help Drofa Comms expand, so I’m looking for a PR Manager and a BizDev to join my team in London. From now on I’ll be leading the UK branch to make our clients’ voices sound louder and brighter in all the noise around. The space is eager for new profound messages and companies which will give it a new direction. And we’ll help with it.’

Follow the links above to look into the specifics of who we are looking for. If you know that person (or if that’s you!) — send the CV to Anastasia anastasia@drofa-ra.co.uk

Anastasia’s Linkedin — https://www.linkedin.com/in/anastasia-sheveleva-6b1342209/



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Drofa Comms

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