Major PR Trends That Will Shape the Industry in 2023

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4 min readJan 11, 2023


Communication force is a unique and powerful tool to enhance the brand’s reputation, build the audience’s trust, and increase the awareness of the stakeholders. Regularly, PR specialists follow the current trends in the industry and make predictions for the future in order to appeal to the most audiences possible and position a client’s brand as a leader in the field.

With 2023 gaining momentum, the Co-Founder and COO at Drofa Comms, Mary Poliakova, shared her opinion on the major trends for the year ahead — for the PR pros to heed and keep up to. So without further ado, here are the 4 major trends in the PR realm for the upcoming year.

Openness and transparency in PR will become a must

2022, a time of crisis and uncertainty, led to the trend toward openness and transparency in the realm of PR. Corporate PR has become more robust in the outgoing year and in 2023, a strong corporate leadership trend will continue, with CEOs and company major representatives taking a stand and opening up about topics that matter to the public in advance, anticipating the agenda.

When the summer of 2022 was in full swing, a wave of layoffs in fintech overwhelmed the market and was then followed by the collapse of FTX in autumn. The market’s players were hurryingly withdrawing their funds from the platforms, no longer trusting the system. We then witnessed a wave of statements from fintech companies explaining how they operate in these conditions and what initiatives they could offer.

Those companies that choose openness and transparency now, and instead of waiting for journalists’ requests on newsbreaks, anticipate the agenda and reassure stakeholders that their funds are safely kept, will build a solid reputation and be seen as trustworthy in the public’s eyes.

Data analytics will play a prominent role in the PR field

Data journalism is steadily becoming an essential part of communications, with such giants as ​​Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal having full-fledged seasoned data teams in operating — and the PR field is gradually stepping on its toes. 2023 will be the year of data PR with an emphasis on infographics, and the presentation of complex concepts in a simple yet persuasive format.

At this point, PR professionals face the need to develop and implement proper formats to communicate with journalists in the language of data. The data-focused specialists come to be the future of PR, and in the year ahead, data PR managers will be the most demanded professionals in the industry.

Social networks have become a Fifth Estate and a first-hand source of information

The year 2022 was a time of crisis and uncertainty, which reduced the PR planning horizon to a single day, if not less. However, one of the essential tendencies of 2022 that professionals will need to follow in 2023 as well, is considering social networks not only a platform for digital marketers but a media on its own.

At the moment, both the public and journalists are instantly turning to social networks in the first place to check information and to find out the leaders’ opinions on the latest newsbreaks, which are readily given in light of the major crashes in the crypto sector in 2022.

PR pros will share responsibility for building a strong community

In 2023, the need for a strong PR community becomes obvious — the one that will formulate and convey powerful messages on the most important issues. Now, the need to strengthen the relationship with the journalist community, develop a strong image of the PR community, and, jointly, elaborate position on the diverse aspects of the industry, like social media, and fake news — is of utmost importance.

Although powerful communications go beyond the PR community itself. As of 2023, the modern world faced various challenges — and climate change is one of them. Climate change communication is steadily becoming an essential part of today’s PR agenda since environmental, social, and corporate governance awareness is key to the sustainable development of each company. Also, success is now being measured not only by revenue anymore but by contribution to sustainability — the perfect attractor for modern investors.

With that, the PR industry is now on the verge of new challenges to meet and trends to keep up to

Overall, 2023 is expected to be a year with a preference for quality over quantity. This year, the leading PR specialists will be focused on specific PR wires, will have a deep focus on data PR, elaborate informative and meaningful corporate blogs, and watch the active involvement of company leaders in public relations. The PR specialists’ mission for 2023 will be to jointly develop a professional code for communicating with journalists and working with fake news.



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